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March 18, 2017

Click here to book:    The Folsom Boudoir Experience Launch Marathon


The Folsom Boudoir Experience was born out of the perfect storm of 4 parts coming together.

It was inspired by women just like you.  Women of all shapes, sizes, ages, and background who just wanted to feel more comfortable in their skin.  Women who believed deep down that they were beautiful no matter how different they looked from the cover of a magazine.  


Part one:  Begins with my photography journey over the past 8 years.  I have photographed pin-up, boudoir, glamour and more for many years and this is a unique blend of all of these experiences.  It is also infused with my life as a plus sized gal struggling with self-love when the whole world was telling me I shouldn't love the skin I am in.  I would welcome curvy girls with open arms back when other photographers would say things to girls like "come back when you have lost 30lbs" or "you are not editorial enough for me to shoot".  This was unacceptable to me and I prided myself on taking women into my studio and proving to them how amazing they really are on camera, even if there was a sliver of doubt in them.  In my opinion a "sexy" photo is not about size or ideals.  The SEXIEST photos come from a confident woman using the art of tease, provocative posses, sultry angles, and who has the able to effectively flirt with the camera.  


Part two:  A few years ago I took a neglected building that had been vacant for many years and painstakingly turned it into a space that made the clients feel special.  I didn't want it to feel like you were walking into a cool sterile studio.  I wanted it to feel warm, light filled, cozy and opulent, like a fine bed and breakfast.  I wanted you to feel spoiled and comfortable all at the same time.  The fact that this space is in the heart of the Historic District surrounded by quaint shops, impeccable restaurants and hundreds of years of Gold Rush History was such an added bonus.  Coming to the studio really is a experience in its own right.  


Part Three: Is my desire to always be trying new techniques and refining my craft.  I have become obsessed with finding new ways to use and bend the luscious natural light in the Folsom Photo Studio. As I learn more and more about these natural light studio techniques while still trying to keep my moody, contrasting style I came up with a look for this experience that I am really happy to introduce.  It is something soft and sultry and at the same time has a dark, smokey fine art feel.  I have designed 4 specific sets just for the Folsom Boudoir Experience that give you, the client, a lot of things to play with and feel scenes to really feel transported into. 



Part Four:  After photographing hundreds of boudoir sessions I began to hear over and over again from girls that "This wasn't just a photo session it was a confidence building experience".  Girls would come in with nerves and seeming so unsure of themselves.  Then after a makeover, some pep talks, and some coaching, they would rock their shoots and leave feeling like a million bucks.  They would come into the studio with all of this lingerie in an attempt to look covered up and sexy by the end of the session realize that their own skin was the sexiest thing they could wear.  I have sat through may photo reveals of clients crying tears of joy while saying things "I can't believe that I could look this sexy".  Clients and other Industry professionals alike would say that that what I was doing was really different, it was really special.  I was creating a safe environment for all women to feel good about their bodies and show them off in the best way possible. 


These parts all mixed together have given me the inspiration to launch the Folsom Boudoir Experience.  These aren't photos you take for your guy.....these are photos you take for YOU.  These are for YOU to look at love and cherish.  I want to show you how others see you, not what that nagging inner voice filled with self doubt says you look like. but as the gorgeous force of nature that you are.   You are welcome to be as demure or as fierce as you want.  Pretty dresses to artful nudes, it's all up to you.  But come in, you are never going to look better than you do RIGHT NOW.  I have a launch special starting at just $250!  There are limited bookings so don't wait.  I can't wait to meet you and take you through the Folsom Boudoir Experience.


Click here to book:    The Folsom Boudoir Experience Launch Marathon


The recipe for the Folsom Boudoir Experience:

1. Begin with a 20 minute phone call to discuss the process and answer any questions you may have (pep talk also included). 

2. Arrive at the studio with your wardrobe items and discuss with Andrea which items to use and which sets to use them with.  

3. Begin your makeover.  Leslie of LaLa Artistry will create a style you will surely swoon over, anything you wish, from perky pin-up to sultry vixen.

4. During your makeover sip champagne or juice and have a body positive pep talk with Andrea and Leslie about how to feel confident and sexy during your session. 

5. When the photography session begins Andrea will coach you through posing everything from your tip to toes, in a way that is meant to flatter your body to the fullest extent.

6. You will have the opportunity to make 4 wardrobe and set changes during your session.

7. Wrap your session up, hugs, rebel yells and smiles are usually how they end around here. 

7.  Take yourself out somewhere fancy afterward because you are already all dolled up!  Invite some friends or your special someone to join you on Sutter Street for Dinner and drinks at one of our many fabulous restaurants. 

8. A few days later you will get an online gallery delivered to you with your untouched images.  Choose the images you would like retouched.

9.  A few weeks later your purchased images will be delivered to you in high resolution in a cloud gallery with a personal copyright release. 


Click here to book:    The Folsom Boudoir Experience Launch Marathon









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