The 1st Folsom Boudoir Experience with Kristina

March 21, 2017

Q&A with the lovely Kristina.....


What made you want to do a Boudoir Photography Session?

A few reasons -- mostly because for the first time in my adult life I feel comfortable in my own skin. I lost 90 pounds in a year and this was a way for me to celebrate all my hard work.

It also happened to be my husband's 30th birthday, so I figure I could work it in as a win-win :)


What were your deciding factors when you decided to book with Cloverfield Photography?

From the start, Andrea was down to earth and easy to talk to. She responded quickly and I felt comfortable with her. I also looked at some of her work and was very impressed. It seemed like a good fit from the beginning. 


Did you make excuses as to why not to do it before you finally decided to book and if so what were they?

It took awhile for me to stop telling myself "I'll do it when I lose more weight". It's something I said I was going to do when I reached my "goal" weight -- then I realized I didn't really have a goal weight anymore. I just wanted to be happy in my own skin and I was at that point.


What finally made you decide to go forward with the session?
Eventually I got to the point and said -- &^%# IT -- I love myself the way I am and there's no better time to celebrate that. Sure, I have lumps and bumps and imperfections like everyone else but this body grew and nourished my daughter, and makes my husband happy. It's something to be proud of!


Were you nervous about coming in? If so, why were you nervous?

I wasn't super nervous -- just didn't know what to expect. The studio was absolutely GORGEOUS and as soon as we walked in I felt right at home. 


Did Andrea put you at ease? If so please describe that process for you. 

YES!! Andrea is so down to earth. She was easy to talk to, and made me feel like it was just an afternoon hanging out with girlfriends. I really enjoyed the whole experience. It is obvious that Andrea is highly skilled -- she knew just how to pose me to highlight my curves and position me in ways that were complimentary to my body. She empowered me to not focus on the things I didn't like about myself and to open up and let loose. I'm so glad I did!


Did you enjoy the Hair/Makeup service with Leslie?

YES! Leslie was also awesome and very down to earth. She asked for input and made sure the look I wanted was what she was doing. She was also very helpful in touching up my makeup throughout the session and offering me tips. Leslie encouraged me as well and also provided champagne -- how can you not have fun!? 


Did you feel like the look you desired was achieved?

Totally. I typically don't do the "pin-up" type look and I'm also a creature of habit, so I stepped out of the norm and am so happy I did. The look was better than I envisioned. 



This was so much fun and so empowering! I can't wait to do another one :)


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