Introductory Photography Training Course   

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Folsom Photo Studio

728 Sutter Street Penthouse

Historic Folsom California


This course is designed for anyone wanting to learn how to use their digital camera settings for more polished and professional images.  Whether you are a mommy photographer hoping to capture better images of your kids or if you are a budding amateur hoping to turn your hobby into a career this is the perfect place to start. 


Small class sizes for one-on-one instruction using your personal camera.  Anonymous question forum so you can ask anything your heart desires without embarrassment.  Put the curriculum to practical use the same day with a photo field trip around Historic Folsom!

What will you learn?

Introduction to the different settings buttons on your camera.  Learn what they are for and how to use them:

Aperture Priority Mode

Shutter Priority Mode

Program Mode

Portrait Mode

Macro Mode

Landscape Mode

Sports Mode

Night Mode



Delve into using the manual setting for more polished & professional images

Learn the function, relation and use of:

Shutter Speed





Course includes:

1 hour of instruction

1 hour photo field trip

Take home settings cheat sheet


Shenanigans and Laughs

Chose 1 of 3 Purchase options:

1 Gift Certificate to future group class date TBA: $75 (Regularly $100)

1 Private one-on-one lesson schedule anytime: $150


Attendees must be 12 or over.  Students under 18 must be accompanied by an adult with a paid ticket.  Ticket purchases are non-refundable and non-transferable.  Students must bring their own digital camera with Manual Settings (other settings listed above are not necessary to have on your camera but we will touch on their use).  Bring your lenses and your camera users manual.  No flashes will be used during this course. Private lesson bookings subject to availability. 

Your instructors Sarah and Andrea have combined photography experience of over 24 years.  They are the perfect balance of styles as one is a Dog Person and one is a Cat Person, but also because Sarah is a very technically correct photographer and Andrea an artistic photographer....



 Sarah Torres of Little B Photography is an expert in child photography (and taking random photos of her cat).  She has worked with major Casting Agencies, Lifetouch, and as a Freelance for over 11 years.  Sarah is an expert on technically correct photography, producing tack sharp, wonderfully composed images all while wrangling her child models, which she dubs her “cute little nuggets”.  She never ceases to amaze parents and agents alike with her ability to capture a child’s essence and personality.


Andrea Silva of Cloverfield Photography and the owner of The Folsom Photo Studio is an award-winning Wedding and Portrait Photographer.  Her images lean toward the artistic side, always utilizing light in the most advantageous and dramatic way possible.   She has been a professional photographer for over 13 years, photographing over 350 weddings.  She also specializes in sultry burlesque style Boudoir Photography creating “The Folsom Boudoir Experience” which she affectionately dubs the “Nudie Boudie” sessions.   She has been giving private photography lessons at the Studio for two years and has now developed a class style course that explains photography in very approachable terms.