Cloverfield Photography Studio... a boutique studio located in the heart of Historic Folsom. The 100+ year old Victorian 

Building is filled with lucious light, crystal chandeliers and antique tufted furniture. It is 

chalked full of all sorts of vintage finds and photographs (of course).  My canine

coworker Finnegan (An English Pointer Rescue) can be found lounging around, or

greeting newcomers at the front door. 



                                                              Studio Hours:                               By appointment only Friday - Sunday       

                                                              Give us a ring on the tele:              916.612.6076

                                                              Send us a fancy electronic mail:

                                                              Good ole fashioned snail mail:        728 Sutter Street Penthouse Folsom, CA


About Andrea - Professional Photographer 

The first thing you will probably notice about me is that I am addicted to weddings.  I love everything about them from the tiny beaded details of a wedding gown to the big tear jerking moments of a father daughter dance.  I get excited about hearing love stories and wedding REALLY excited.  I also love cilantro, vintage funds, and rescue animals.  Yes I know, completely unrelated but I can be random like that.  For me, photography is not a 'job'.  It is getting to do what I love every single day with people I love getting to know.  I may charge for the photography services but the jokes and shenigans will be completely complimentary =). My mission is for my Cient's to freel relaxed and joyous during our sessions and especially at their wedding.  My goal is to seem like a perfectly organic part of your wedding day.  If things get tense I am there to remind you that not every wedding is perfect, the only thing you can truly control is how much you enjoy it.  My ideal Bride/Groom are charismatic couples who's desire is to plan a truly personal celebration of their love.  I am always up for a challenge so if you have said "I am awkward in front of the camera" or "I rarely like photos of myself" challenge accepted!!! I want to take photos you will LOVE.  I enjoy taking the time to get to know you, what your vision for your wedding day. So feel free to give me a call and lets set up a time to meet and chat all about your special day and how I can capture every lovely moment of it!

15 Random Facts about Me....

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